The Rising Sign is Cancer and its ruler, the Moon is in the 5th House (creativity) in the Sign of Sagittarius (storytelling and publications). The Moon is also in Trine Aspect (luck) to the Mid-Heaven (career and the public image) meaning that he and his creations tend to come before the public. Mercury (communications) is also in aspect to the Mid-Heaven. Saturn (fear) and Pluto (death, the underworld, hidden things) are in his 1st House (personality. He was quoted as saying "I like to scare the hell out of people". Both Saturn and Pluto also aspect the Mid-Heaven, bringing this quality before the public as well. The Sun is Singleton. It is the only planet in an Earth Sign (practicality) and it draws the chartís "energy" to the 3rd House (communications). To top it off, Sagittarius is the sign on the cusp (beginning) of the 6th House (work) and the ruler, Jupiter, is in his 5th House (creativity) linking work, storytelling, and creativity.

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Stephen King


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