Yes, I do personal readings by appointment only. If you live in the New York City area, or plan to visit, the reading can be done in person.  Otherwise, readings can be done by phone or Skype. For all readings, it is necessary to have the exact time of birth from the Birth Certificate.

I offer the following: 

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Complete Chart Reading
This is the most comprehensive reading you can get. It contains everything in the solar return reading. That includes where you have to be on your next birthday or half birthday to improve any area of your life that you choose. Also included are seven monthly lunar return charts and a list of daily aspects interpreted for you so you can plan your future year in detail. Please allow three hours for this reading.

Item: CRMR01:
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Natal Chart Reading
This is a comprehensive interpretation of your natal birth chart and will include an analysis of your character and temperament, mental abilities, skills, and interests, your attitude and needs in relationships, vocational abilities and suitable professions, habit patterns and your strengths and weaknesses.  Includes a personalized one hour reading on a an MP3 file.

Item: CRMR02:
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Solar Return Interpretation: 
This is an interpretation of your solar return for the upcoming year.  The solar return gives an overview of  the year ahead - from birthday to birthday.  The chart is erected for your location on your birthday and can give you a theme for the year as well as the months of various activities during the year. We use precession-corrected solar returns for greater accuracy.
We email your reading as an MP3 file.

Important Notice: If you are planning to travel on your birthday or half-birthday PLEASE give enough time to make travel arrangements. It takes us at least two weeks to complete orders and you should allow another two to three weeks to make travel arrangements.

Item: CRMR03:

Online Purchase Price: $165.00


Relationship Reading:  
Complete LOVE analysis for each of you.  You get five horoscopes: your chart, their chart, the Relationship Chart (the two of you together) and two Marks' charts. Also included, a chart comparison (Synestry). We e-mail your reading as an MP3 file.

Item: CRMR04
Online Purchase Price: $195.00

Must be at least 18 years of age to order a reading
Online payments, please allow three to four weeks for delivery 

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