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February 2018


Welcome to my monthly forecasts. These forecasts will help you understand the energies around you. The planets are constantly shifting and the universal energies affect our daily lives.

Each month I will guide you through the planetary movements and explain them in detail. Some months will have more astrological events than others but there will always be universal movements that will affect you.

That way, you can put it near your calendar and follow it day by day to know the energies around you.

What’s going to happen in February 2018?


New Moon Solar Eclipse February 15th in Aquarius: This Solar Eclipse is almost exactly opposite the Solar Eclipse of last August that has been adding to the chaos around the world and in our individual lives.

Expect more of the same.

But call for an update on your chart now because these eclipses are very powerful and life changing.

February 3rd: Mercury sextiles Mars Good for forceful communication and increased mental activity.

February4th: Venus squares Jupiter Not a good day for a diet. Great day for over indulging.

February 6th: Venus sextiles Uranus Good for socializing and making new friends.

February10th: Venus goes to Pisces Love goes deep and emotional now. Be sensitive to others. In addition, Sun squares Jupiter Your enthusiasm is running a little too high today – be careful of taking on too much.

February 13th: Mercury squares Jupiter Don’t over commit yourself. Watch out for promises made to you today they might not be kept. Also the Sun sextiles Uranus This is a good time to break routine. Do something new and be inventive.

February 15th: Mercury sextiles Uranus Powerful aspect for new ideas. Another aspect on this date includes Venus sextiles Saturn This is good for calmer pleasures. Relax take it easy.

February 17th: Mars squares Neptune Be careful of arguments today there will be many misunderstandings. Also Sun conjunct Mercury. This is excellent for face to face communications as well as Mercury goes to Pisces. For the next few weeks pay more attention to detail. This is a very imaginative and emotional Mercury but it’s also absent minded.

February 18th: Sun goes to Pisces. This is a sensitive and imaginative transit. It’s good for your creativity and compassion.

February 21st: Venus conjunct Neptune Don’t cry over lost loves they weren’t for you anyway. On this date Mercury sextile Saturn Serious communication. Do paperwork.

February 25th: Venus squares Mars Relationships may be a little bumpy today avoid arguments. Also the Sun sextiles Saturn This is a good day for taking care of all those dull boring tasks that you’ve been putting off. Get to work.

February 27th: Venus sextiles Pluto This intensifies relationship feelings in a good way.

February 28th: Mercury squares Mars Watch what you say. Avoid arguments. Another aspect today is Mercury sextiles Pluto Your persuasive powers of communication are peaking. Be careful of fights.

See you next month for the March 2018 Forecast
and may the stars be with you

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