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February 2016


Welcome to my monthly forecasts. These forecasts will help you understand the energies around you. The planets are constantly shifting and the universal energies affect our daily lives.

Each month I will guide you through the planetary movements and explain them in detail. Some months will have more astrological events than others but there will always be universal movements that will affect you.

That way, you can put it near your calendar and follow it day by day to know the energies around you.

What’s going to happen in February 2016?


NEW MOON February 8 in Aquarius – Plenty of energy the next two weeks.

But arguments and fights may arise due to other planetary energies.

FULL MOON February 22 in Virgo
– Now is the time to take care of all the details.

Organize for the new year.


February 3rd: Mars sextiles Pluto – This increases energy – now you can tackle all those tasks that require a lot of energy. Sun sextiles Saturn – Good for taking care of practical business. Get busy.

February 5th: Venus conjunct Pluto – Romance becomes more intense now. If leaning towards fighting – be careful. and watch out for obsession.

February 6th: Sun sextiles Uranus – Good for tackling new projects or for buying high tech equipment. Also on this date Mercury trines Jupiter – Take care of all your important communications and Venus squares Uranus – That new crazy person may not be for you. Take time to know what’s real.

February 7th: Sun squares Mars –This gives extra energy but can also shorten tempers avoid arguments. In addition Venus sextiles Mars – Pleasure plus action. Go out and have a good time.

February 10th: Venus trine Jupiter – Give yourself some more recreation today.

February 13th: Mercury goes to Aquarius – Now you can really start those new projects and talk about those new things. Another aspect for this date includes, Mars sextiles Jupiter – Energy combines with luck get busy.

February 16th: Venus goes to Aquarius – Get ready for exciting new adventures in love and recreation.

February 19th: Sun goes to Pisces – Imagination and emotions increase. People are more sensitive now. Tread carefully.

February 25th: Mercury sextiles Saturn – Original thinking combines with practicality. Practical planning.

February 26th: Mercury sextiles Uranus – Problems seem easier to solve today.

February 28th: Sun conjunct Neptune – Use your imagination today.

February 29th: Venus sextiles Saturn – You can now take practical steps to beautification.


See you next month for the March 2016 Forecast
and may the stars be with you!

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