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April 2014


Welcome to my monthly forecasts. These forecasts will help you understand the energies around you. The planets are constantly shifting and the universal energies affect our daily lives.

Each month I will guide you through the planetary movements and explain them in detail. Some months will have more astrological events than others but there will always be universal movements that will affect you.

That way, you can put it near your calendar and follow it day by day to know the energies around you.


Whatís going to happen in April 2014?


This April will be a month to remember. Four planets - Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto will be forming a cross in the zodiac called The GRAND CROSS and it will be making trouble all over the world. The energy of this formation has been displaying itself for the last few months as it builds. It affects politics, the economy, the weather and our lives. It is a time to lay low in all situations and to find as much peace and quiet as you can. Donít get into arguments with people now Ė try to meditate and relax as much as possible. Pluto is one of the planets in the Grand Cross and that has already given us the crisis in the Ukraine. Donít be surprised by startling headlines in the media this month and in your life.
FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE ON APRIL 15TH IN LIBRA: This eclipse reactivates an eclipse from January 1992. That old eclipse helped to destroy the Soviet Union. This eclipse will hit the Rising degree for the 1992 eclipse. Putin is trying to put the Soviet Union back together. In our personal lives, this new eclipse will emphasize relationships. If your relationships need some work, now is the time to do it. This will be a very emotional time so keep yourself as happy as possible.

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE ON APRIL 29TH IN TAURUS: This eclipse puts emphasis on financial matters. Take care of them now. It is also a time for true bonding Ė renew your connections and help out anyone who might need you.

April 1st:  SUN squares Jupiter: This gives extra enthusiasm. The problem is it may give too much. Be careful about overdoing things. Know when to stop.

April 2nd: Sun conjunct Uranus: Go slowly. Uranus is an accident planet and it makes people rush things. It also can make us want to act first and think later. That usually doesnít work out too well. Yes, you can make changes now, but pause and think about them first.

April 2nd: Mercury trines Saturn: This is good for practical thinking and will help you to moderate that Sun Uranus aspect.

April 3rd: Sun squares Pluto: Avoid power struggles today. Whatís the best way to deal with Pluto aspects? Throw things out. If you eliminate things, you will drain off the Pluto energy and there will be less of it to cause you trouble.

April 5th: Venus Enters Pisces: It will stay there until May 2. This is a good time to nurture your artistic and creative side. Go to an art exhibit or better yet take an art class. Read some poetry. Watch a beautiful sunset. Buy something pretty. Think of water activities Ė go to the beach, go swimming, take bubble baths and feel that watery love in the air. Go deeper.

April 7th: Mercury goes to Aries: It will stay there until April 23. There will be less confusion. People will speak more directly so be careful of arguments. A lot of impulsiveness in the air right now so think before you do and say.

April 8th: Sun Opposes Mars: This aspect increases the chance of arguments and fights. Use this energy to keep busy, but make sure to avoid confrontations.

April 11th:  Venus conjunct Neptune: Do something pleasant today. Take that special someone to a movie. Better yet, watch a move at home with that special someone. What if you donít have a special someone? Then do something nice for yourself.

April 14th: Mercury squares Jupiter: Be careful about over committing yourself today. Donít take on too much. And be careful about other people over promising things to you. Thatís what usually happens with this aspect. But Mercury is also contacting all the planets in the Grand Cross within a two day period so the energy is getting rough.

April 14th: Mercury conjunct Uranus: Be careful of ideas that look so good that you want to try them out right now without thinking about them. The previous aspect with Jupiter will also tend to fill you with enthusiasm so that you will think that nothing can go wrong. But it can. Go slowly and check out your ideas before you dive in.

April 15th: Mercury Squares Pluto: Be careful what you say today. Think before you speak.

April 16th: Mercury Opposes Mars: This intensifies yesterdayís aspect. Make an extra effort to avoid arguments. Be extra careful driving today. People are more likely to speed.

April 17th: Venus Trines Jupiter: The calm before the storm. This is a good day for recreation and enjoyment.

April 18th: Venus Sextiles Pluto: Party time. Donít be afraid of intensity. Enjoy it.

April 19th: Sun goes to Taurus: This lasts until May 20. Time for big dinner parties and nurturing yourself in all ways. Contact friends and enjoy.

April 20th: Jupiter Squares Uranus: The Grand Cross is starting now. Uranus makes people want to do crazy things and Jupiter makes this larger. Do not start major projects today no matter how confident you feel. Lay low.

April 20th: Jupiter Opposes Pluto: This is the second aspect of the Grand Cross. Avoid fights no matter how confident you are that you will win.

April 21st: Uranus Squares Pluto: This is the third aspect of the Grand Cross. Avoid buying anything electronic or mechanical today.

April 22nd: Mars Squares Jupiter: This is the fourth aspect of the Grand Cross. People are more likely to take risks. Tempers are shorter. The energy of this aspect helps you get things done, but once again, avoid arguments.

April 23rd: Mars Opposes Uranus: This is the fifth aspect of the Grand Cross. People are more impulsive and accident prone today. Take extra care driving or handling any machinery. Above all DO NOT RUSH.

April 23rd: Mercury Enters Taurus: Thoughts will turn to more practical matters. Mercury will stay in Taurus until May 7.

April 23rd: Mars Squares Pluto: This is the sixth aspect of the Grand Cross. This gives the energy to change things. Unfortunately it also tends to violence and an urge to run roughshod over everyone. Avoid conflict today. This aspect can turn a small disagreement into an all out war.

April 25th:  Venus Trines Saturn: This aspect is good for having a good time doing ordinary normal things. Enjoy.

April 25th: Sun Conjunct Mercury: Both planets are in the Earth Sign Taurus. This one is good for making a list of your everyday tasks and then doing them. Conversations will be intensely grounding.

April 26th: Mercury Sextiles Neptune: Trust your intuition today. You can also relax by reading (Mercury) a fantasy novel or watching a fantasy movie (Neptune).

April 27th: Sun Sextiles Neptune: This can make you more aware of the needs of people around you. Do something nice for someone else.

April 29th: Mercury Trines Pluto: A good day for reading a mystery story, or writing one. This aspect is also great for investigating and getting to the hidden secrets.

April 30th: Mercury Sextiles Jupiter: Make your plans today. Your optimism should increase and you will tend to think big. Donít worry about thinking too big now. Mercury opposite Saturn on May 2 will help you make your plans more realistic.

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