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November 2015


Welcome to my monthly forecasts. These forecasts will help you understand the energies around you. The planets are constantly shifting and the universal energies affect our daily lives.

Each month I will guide you through the planetary movements and explain them in detail. Some months will have more astrological events than others but there will always be universal movements that will affect you.

That way, you can put it near your calendar and follow it day by day to know the energies around you.

What’s going to happen in November 2015?

NEW MOON in Scorpio on November 11th: This makes a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo planet of good luck.

This is a time to take on extra work. Things will be smoother.

November 25: Full Moon in Gemini:
This full moon is opposite Saturn and squares Neptune.

So this could depress people.

And things could go wrong due to confusion. Lay low.


November 2nd: Venus conjunct Mars – Good for romance. Say what you feel now. Go out and have a good time.

November 5th: Sun sextiles Pluto – You are stronger today. Good day to fix and repair things.

November 6th: Mercury trine Neptune – Great if you are a writer – the words will flow.

November 8th: Venus goes to Libra – So nice to have Venus in her own sign. Good for love and smoothing out relationships. Go and socialize.

November 10th: Sun sextiles Jupiter – The door of opportunity is open but you have to get up and walk through. Start moving.

November 12th: Mars goes to Libra Very nice to have Mars and Venus in Libra. Finally the planets are there to help you in your love relationships. But the Mars could be argumentative as well so don’t go to far.

November 13th: Venus sextiles Saturn – This is a nice day for the quieter pleasures. Also Mercury sextiles Jupiter – Communications are good today so send those important texts and emails.

November 17th: Sun conjuncts Mercury – This is especially good for face to face communications.

November 20th: Mercury goes to Sagittarius – Make an effort to pay extra attention to details. Curb your enthusiasm. In addition, Venus squares Pluto – Avoid confrontations with loved ones at this time.

November 22nd: Sun goes to Sagittarius – This brings fun times. A good month to travel and socialize.

November 23rd: Venus opposite Uranus – Yes it may be love at first sight but how long will it last.

November 24th: Mars sextiles Saturn – Use the extra energy to prepare for your Thanksgiving dinner.
Also, Mercury conjuncts Saturn – Communications are slower. Taking longer to figure things out. Postpone important talks.

November 25th: Mercury squares Neptune – Confusion with communications. Watch out for misunderstanding. Another apsect today includes Mercury sextiles Mars – Normally this is good for communications but be careful with making commitments.

November 26th: Saturn squares Neptune – Worrying about things that are not going to happen. In addition, Sun squares Neptune – Confusion. Good for imagination. Don’t start any important projects today.

November 29th: Sun conjuncts Saturn – This adds delays and difficulties to previous aspect. Lay low.

See you next month for the December 2015 Forecast
and may the stars be with you!

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