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September 2014


Welcome to my monthly forecasts. These forecasts will help you understand the energies around you. The planets are constantly shifting and the universal energies affect our daily lives.

Each month I will guide you through the planetary movements and explain them in detail. Some months will have more astrological events than others but there will always be universal movements that will affect you.

That way, you can put it near your calendar and follow it day by day to know the energies around you.


What’s going to happen in September 2014?



FULL MOON – September 8 in PiscesTHE HARVEST MOON: Not bad. This Full Moon lands in the sign of Pisces, which is good for imagination. But it also has a good aspect to Saturn which gives practicality and stability. This is a good time for getting together with friends and neighbors to do some community projects or to do something for the less fortunate.

NEW MOON – September 24 in Libra: This is a nice New Moon. People will tend to be more cheerful now because lucky Jupiter is Rising. This is a good time to try new ventures since Uranus trines Jupiter..


September 2Mercury enters Libra: It stays there until September 27. This is good for socializing. Call those friends you haven’t talked to for a while.

September 3 – Sun trines Pluto: You can be more forceful today. Difficult problems and projects don’t seem so tough now. Take care of them.

September 5Venus enters Virgo: It stays there until October 29. This is good for doing the work to beautify things. Redecorate the house. Make a beauty parlor appointment. Buy some new clothes.

September 9Mercury squares Pluto: Words tend to be sharp today. Watch what you say and don’t be too upset with what others tell you.

September 10 – Venus opposite Neptune: Venus is love and money.  Neptune is illusion. Avoid major purchases today because tomorrow you will say “What was I thinking!”

September 10 – Mercury sextiles Jupiter: If you have any important communications to take care of, do them today. You will tend to be more optimistic and it’s easier to find the right words.

September 11 – Sun sextiles Saturn: This is a good day to get things done. Get busy.

September 13 – Mercury opposite Uranus: Yes, that idea you just had may be brilliant. It could also be off-the-wall crazy. What this aspect does not give is the ability to tell which one it is. Everything seems too slow today and you want to rush – don’t - sit down and think before you act. You may not want to but this is what you have to do today. Also, Mars enters Sagittarius: It stays there until October 26. This increases the desire for adventure. But be careful about scattering your energy in too many different directions at once.

September 14Venus trines Pluto: This can intensify relationships in a good way. It’s also good for beautification. Redecorate the home. Buy new clothes.

September 21 – Venus sextiles Saturn: A good day to take care of partnership obligations. This is also good for business relationships. Another aspect today is Mars squares Neptune: Take a break from exercising today. Your energy will be low . Stick to small, routine matters as much as you can. Things are not what they seem.

September 22Sun enters Libra: The next four weeks are good for socializing. Get together with friends and have a good time. But it is also good for business networking.

September 25Jupiter trines Uranus: New opportunities are more likely to come your way today. It’s also a good time for learning something new and exciting.

September 27Mercury enters Scorpio: It stays there until October 10. This is a good time to get to the bottom of things, but try not to be too blunt.

September 29Venus enters Libra: It stays there until October 23. Venus is strong in its own sign. Since the Sun is also in Libra, socializing and spending time with friends is highly favored now.

See you next month for the October 2014 Forecast
and may the stars be with you!














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