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July 2015


Welcome to my monthly forecasts. These forecasts will help you understand the energies around you. The planets are constantly shifting and the universal energies affect our daily lives.

Each month I will guide you through the planetary movements and explain them in detail. Some months will have more astrological events than others but there will always be universal movements that will affect you.

That way, you can put it near your calendar and follow it day by day to know the energies around you.

What’s going to happen in July 2015?

FULL MOON July 1st in Capricorn: This is good for keeping busy and taking care of business. But watch out because it is opposing Mars and that can mean tempers will be shorter. Little arguments can develop into big ones very fast. This can be in effect for two weeks before the Full Moon and after.

NEW MOON July 15th in Cancer: Emotions run higher for the next two weeks. Be very careful of arguments because Mercury is conjunct Mars and opposite Pluto so be careful what you say.Tempers are shorter – especially in the work area. But as always each individual chart will be effected differently so make sure you get your update with me so we can review it all.


July 1st: Venus conjunct Jupiter. This is a good day to have a good day. Venus is pleasure and Jupiter is expansion. So enjoy yourself. Also the Sun trines Neptune This really boosts your imagination and your creativity. Write some poetry or go to the movies.

July 2nd: Mercury sextiles Uranus. This is very good for new ideas. Start writing them down. Problems that may have stumped you before can now be solved.

July 3rd: Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This is a great day for communications. If you have any important calls to make – do it today.

July 5th:: Mercury sextiles Venus. Great for charming conversation.

July 6th: Sun opposes Pluto. Avoid power struggles today. If you feel overwhelmed throw things out. Get rid of things to drain off the negative Pluto energy.

July 8th: Mercury goes to Cancer. Communication gets emotional. Good. Why not finally share your feelings. In addition, Mars trines Neptune Energy plus idealism. Great for imagination. This is also good for volunteer charity work. Go help someone.

July 12th: Sun squares Uranus. If you get the urge to do something now without thinking about it – stop and think first if you really want to do it.

July 13th: Mercury trines Neptune. Fantastic for imagination. This is really good if you want to write or read fiction.

July 14th: Venus squares Saturn. Avoid communication with romantic partners. Not a good day for love.

July 15th: Mars opposite Pluto. Anger tends to surface today be careful. Lay low and avoid arguments. Also on this date, Mercury opposite Pluto Another day to lay low and not tell anyone off – they may never forgive you.

July 16th: Mercury conjunct Mars. Again fighting words. Stay off the phone and don’t send any emails or texts that are combative.

July 18th: Venus goes to Virgo. Love becomes practical. Make lists of what you want you want from your partner. Also, Mercury squares Uranus This could give you ideas that are brilliant or crazy – what it does not give you is the ability to see which one it is. Be careful.

July 21st: Sun trines Saturn. At last a little bit of stability. Take care of all your practical tasks today.

July 22nd: Mercury trines Saturn. Good for serious communication. Talk it out. Sun goes to Leo Romance, creativity and fun and games this month.

July 23rd: Mercury goes to Leo. Your communications will be more dramatic and theatrical. Leos can’t stand anything dull and boring. In addition on this date, Sun conjuncts Mercury Good for face to face conversations.

July 25th: Venus goes retrograde. Taurus and Libra will be affected the most because they are ruled by Venus. All things ruled by Venus will slow down – which are all the creative arts.

July 31st: Venus goes retrograding back into Leo till September 6th. this is a long retrograde but at least it’s in Leo so it will be a little more fun. Time to call old lovers maybe you can re-unite.

See you next month for the August 2015 Forecast
and may the stars be with you!

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